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We are currently reading "From Reading to Math" by Maggie Siena.

Please answer the questions below for each chapter by adding a comment. Contribute to the discussion by replying to at least 2 other comments. Please don't forget to reference page and paragraph numbers so we can all follow along!

Schedule for posting:
February: Read and discuss chapters three and four.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chapter 4, Question 3

What are some other ways that you can integrate math learning into the rest of your day?

Chapter 4, Question 2

What might you do to increase your knowledge of the math you teach, the curriculum you use, and your students?

Chapter 4, Question 1

What do you think are the essential elements of a successful reading classroom? Are they essential in the math classroom as well? If so, how can you make sure they are present?

Chapter 3, Question 5

How will you know when students are comprehending math? What signs will you look for?

Chapter 3, Question 4

How can you rephrase questions you commonly ask so that you don't know the answers before asking the questions?

Chapter 3, Question 3

What other questions could you ask students in math to help them get started, get unstuck, check their work, or go deeper?

Chapter 3, Question 2

How will you know if students are making meaning in math? What can you do if they are not making meaning?

Chapter 3, Question 1

Think of a math unit you teach. How could you use the comprehension strategies discussed in this chapter to learn the content of that unit?